FYSE1511 with Roger Russi13 days ago

Professor Russi is very passionate about fairy tales. The lectures can be boring, but he tries to lighten the mood. The stories are overall interesting. He is an easy grader for reader responses, but not for papers.

Slow-PacedConstant ReadingTough Grading
5hrs / week Average difficulty Average value Would take again
FYSE1043 with Kirsten Coe13 days ago

This course was overall engaging. Professor Coe is very passionate about Desert Ecology. She helps her students debunk all sorts of desert myths that have been normalized for generations. There are weekly readings and questions that she covers in class. She also encourages discussion throughout the lectures.

Fair GradingProject ExamsChill and Relaxed
5hrs / week Some difficulty Very high value Would take again
FYSE1203 with Robert Cohen13 days ago

The Beast in the Jungle is a hard, interactive seminar that focuses on challenging books that speak about the mind and the human experience. Constant reading is required as you have to read a book a week. 3 essays are required throughout the course and graded fairly but hardly. Overall the course is worth it, but be ready to read.

Fast-PacedConstant ReadingTough Grading
10hrs / week Some difficulty High value Would take again
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