_ART0195 with Michelle Leftheris9 hours ago

This class was extremely tedious at times so it is in your best interested to stay engaged during lessons and lectures. Projects are pretty specific but are a great way to introduce you to digital media. You will learn a lot whether you find it interesting or not.

Slow-PacedProject-HeavyFair Grading
3hrs / week Average difficulty Above average value Would not take again
_ART0163 with Michelle Leftheris9 hours ago

You get what you put into with this course. It is relatively easy and the projects are pretty open-ended. If you pay attention and put in effort, you will take away a lot. The professor is awesome and helps you create your best work.

Chill and RelaxedProject-HeavyEasy Grading
3hrs / week Low difficulty High value Would take again
_ART0159 with Hedya Klein12 hours ago

It is a long hands on approach class but It can be tedious sometimes when you have to do observational drawing. It is difficult since you need to practice how to draw a lot. Moreover it can get boring since you'll need to draw for a lot of hours and do critic. It can be good for a person who does like to draw.

Slow-PacedProject-HeavyProject Exams
5hrs / week Very difficulty Above average value Would not take again
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