_ART01952 months ago

This class was extremely tedious at times so it is in your best interested to stay engaged during lessons and lectures. Projects are pretty specific but are a great way to introduce you to digital media. You will learn a lot whether you find it interesting or not.

Slow-PacedProject-HeavyFair Grading
3hrs / week Average difficulty Above average value Would not take again
_ART01632 months ago

You get what you put into with this course. It is relatively easy and the projects are pretty open-ended. If you pay attention and put in effort, you will take away a lot. The professor is awesome and helps you create your best work.

Chill and RelaxedProject-HeavyEasy Grading
3hrs / week Low difficulty High value Would take again
_ART03967 months ago

Super easy and chill course. It was a lot of fun to get to work in the dark room. Most of the time is spent working in the darkroom printing photos or processing film. There were occasionally 2 or 3homework throughout the semester. No midterms of exams. There is a final project towards the end of the semester. Cameras are also provided.

Chill and RelaxedFair GradingNo Exams
2hrs / week Low difficulty High value Would take again
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