IPEC0304 with Gary Winslett2 months ago

Expect several lengthly readings to for each class, but Winslett usually walks you through them. Winslett's passion for everything related with international trade makes the class dynamic and throughly enjoyable. We were given a paper and a podcast group project but no exams.

Constant ReadingFair GradingNo Exams
7hrs / week Average difficulty Extremely high value Would take again
IPEC0304 with Gary Winslett3 months ago

I really enjoyed this class. This class was very fast-paced, but Winslet does a very good job of explaining topics. There are a tome of readings, some of which were hard to get through, and the essay assignments were difficult. He definitely has high expectation, but overall, he was a fair grader. The class was very engaging, and I would take another class with him.

Fast-PacedConstant ReadingFair Grading
6hrs / week Some difficulty High value Would take again
IPEC0240 with Carolyn Craven3 months ago

The course was very difficult, mostly because the professor was all over the place in their teaching. I found myself very confused in class and it was very fast paced. The professor would get themselves confused which did not help.

Fast-PacedConstant ReadingFair Grading
2hrs / week Very difficulty Low value Would not take again
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