with Don Wyatt2 years ago

The course structure: read one book a week, meet twice a week to respond to a page of discussion, two 3-5 paged papers + one 10-12 pages final paper + final exam, and close to no lecturing/teaching. The professor is mostly there to observe and occasional guide the discussion. The reading content is highly valuable and insightful for those interested in human nature and philosophy.

Fast-PacedConstant ReadingNo Exams
5hrs / week Some difficulty Extremely high value Would take again
with Don Wyatt2 years ago

We read a book every week. it is very fast-paced for a first year seminar. The reading takes a long time. All classes were discussions. Wyatt did not really gave his take on the material and was there to mostly guide discussions.

Constant ReadingFair GradingEasy Exams
6hrs / week Very difficulty High value Would not take again