ECON0150 with Jason Dolatshahiyesterday

I think for his first year teaching he is a pretty solid professor. He's pretty chill and there is never any surprises on his exams. Theres never any homework but if you do the assigned practive problems you should have no problems passing the exams.

Chill and RelaxedFair GradingEasy Exams
1hrs / week Extremely low difficulty High value Would take again
ECON0155 with Will Pyleyesterday

I have loved taking this class. The content definitely isn't too difficult to understand and the professor is great! He makes coming to class fun and clearly cares a lot about his students. The class alternates between homework (problem sets) and a test every week but neither are too difficult if you go to office hours the night before.

Lots of HomeworkFair Grading
3hrs / week Average difficulty Above average value Would take again
ECON0211 with Tanya Bykeryesterday

Byker is incredibly effective and straightforward. This may be the best course I've taken at the college. Should you ever want to do research in Economics (or another social science, for that matter), you'd benefit a ton from taking Regression with Byker.

Fast-PacedLots of HomeworkFair Grading
6hrs / week Some difficulty Extremely high value Would not take again
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