MATH01223 months ago

This was a very difficult class, the professor went through the content very quickly and made it very hard to tackle the problems on the homework and tests. The content of the lectures was okay but the explanations on how to solve the problems were lacking immensely.

Difficult ExamsLots of HomeworkFast-Paced
6hrs / week Hardcore difficulty Average value Would not take again
CSCI02003 months ago

I wouldn't recommend having this professor while taking his class. I wouldn't pay much attention to the lecture because he would be confused with his own thinking in class and even cat-called people in class. I ended up passing his class by just following the notes and doing my research in my own time. I took the class without the professor

Fast-PacedLots of HomeworkTough Grading
10hrs / week Impossible difficulty Extremely high value Would not take again
MATH01225 months ago

A hard class, but I did not try hard enough. The test were really hard and the homework was a lot but not too much. Missing a class was horrible you would just be extremely far behind. But Bleher was great!

Fast-PacedLots of HomeworkDifficult Exams
10hrs / week Extremely difficulty Average value Would not take again
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