CLAS02514 months ago

I love pavlos. This is my second class with him and I am very grateful to have taken it. He is an interesting lecturer and I enjoyed the readings. The exams and papers are not harshly graded at all. I recommend to anyone interested in Ancient Greece.

Constant ReadingFair GradingEasy Exams
5hrs / week Very difficulty Very high value Would take again
GREK01015 months ago

Quite a difficult and time-consuming course, but mostly because of how difficult Ancient Greek is. The grading is extremely generous, and both Witkin and Sfyroeras did a great job of presenting the material. Certainly not for those who want to have a relaxing J-Term.

Fast-PacedEasy Grading
8hrs / week Very difficulty Average value Would take again
RELI02515 months ago

I was really excited to take this course because I found the course description really interesting but the course itself kind of fell short. The professor is super sweet and enthusiastic about what he teaches but the course is disorganized. I think discussion posts or even quizzes would've helped us stay on track to the concepts he wanted us to know.

Chill and RelaxedConstant ReadingFair Grading
1hrs / week Average difficulty Low value Would not take again
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