DANC0277 with Karima Borni11 days ago

This was a great class, lots of outdoor experiences. If you're looking to go on a bunch of field trips, then you should take it. Readings can vary from 4 pages to 100 pages. minimal writings but there are weekly assignments

0hrs / week Average difficulty Average value Would not take again
DANC0160 with Christal Brown26 days ago

Professor Brown is a very good dance teacher who is knowledgeable about all different styles of dance. There is little homework outside of class except for a couple readings. There is basically no exams (the reading quizes are very short and simple).

Chill and RelaxedNo Exams
1hrs / week Average difficulty Above average value Would take again
DANC0284 with Karima Borni27 days ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. You do not need to have a background in dance to take this class, and regardless of whether or not you have any background in dance, you will learn new things. There is a research project at the end of the course, with 2 essays due earlier in the semester. Readings are part of this course and needed for discussions.

Chill and RelaxedFair GradingProject Exams
2hrs / week Low difficulty Very high value Would take again
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