DANC01603 months ago

Professor Brown is a very good dance teacher who is knowledgeable about all different styles of dance. There is little homework outside of class except for a couple readings. There is basically no exams (the reading quizes are very short and simple).

Chill and RelaxedNo Exams
1hrs / week Average difficulty Above average value Would take again
DANC01603 months ago

Christal Brown is well versed and well informed on the art of dance. The class environment she creates is welcoming and lax, however she is very blunt and will call out subpar work. You're not graded on how well you dance but rather how hard you try. Overall a really great class.

Chill and RelaxedEasy Grading
0hrs / week Average difficulty Average value Would take again
ARDV011710 months ago

This course teaches you a lot about the world and yourself if you let it teach you that. You have to surrender to the experience and process, but once you do it is really fulfilling. Christal is very wise and will leave you feeling enlightened.

Chill and RelaxedProject-HeavyFair Grading
2hrs / week Low difficulty Above average value Would take again
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