MATH012229 days ago

Quizlet plus is a must for this class as the homework occasionally goes beyond what is covered in class. Pete is an enthusiastic teacher and gives clear examples in class. It's relatively tough for an intro calc class but I'd say you learn a lot.

Fast-PacedLots of HomeworkTough Grading
6hrs / week Some difficulty Extremely high value Would take again
MATH012230 days ago

Professor Schumer is extremely lively and is constantly making jokes during class. The pace of the class is fast as you learn a different section of a unit each day. There are quizzes every Thursday but they are not that bad. Good amount of homework 3 days a week

Fast-PacedLots of HomeworkEasy Grading
5hrs / week Average difficulty Above average value Would take again
MATH0122last year

To be fair, I am not good at math so it's no wonder this class was really hard for me. I took Calc 1 in high school during covid, and simply didn't know enough to do Calc 2 here. If you are good at math i'm sure it would be fine!

Fast-PacedLots of HomeworkTough Grading
15hrs / week Extremely difficulty Low value Would not take again
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