CRWR0170last month

Professor Gotshall is absolutely amazing. She wants you to write about things that excite you, and assigns readings that provide genuine help for your own writing skills. She has you turn in a new piece every Monday. It can be as short as a quick poem or a several page prose piece - it's very flexible! On Wednesdays there are workshops to give classmates feedback on work.

Chill and RelaxedUngradingNo Exams
4hrs / week Very low difficulty Very high value Would take again
CRWR01756 months ago

While this class is a lot of writing, it helped me grow so much as a writer having to constantly be working on something new and revising my work. Karin is the kindest and most accommodating prof I've had and she truly cares about her students and the course material.

Chill and RelaxedNo Exams
1hrs / week Low difficulty High value Would take again
CRWR01757 months ago

I loved working with Karin she is an amazing poet and I really enjoyed the weekly poems although sometimes I had writers' block they are a major break from the work week and are a way to write it out. Karin is very understanding and an angel to work with

Chill and RelaxedConstant ReadingFair Grading
4hrs / week Some difficulty Above average value Would take again
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