HIST03979 days ago

Joyce Mao is a great professor. the class had alot of readings, I would only take it If you are passionate about history. 2 papers, 2 responses on canvas, one group presentation and a final presentation or reflection

Fair GradingConstant Reading
5hrs / week Some difficulty High value Would take again
HIST021529 days ago

I have truly enjoyed learning the material in this course and every single reading and assignment has felt necessary for learning the subject. I appreciate the enthusiasm and expertise with which the professor teaches the subject.

Fair GradingConstant Reading
6hrs / week Average difficulty High value Would not take again
HIST0206last month

Joyce Mao is the best professor I have had at Midd, she is so engaging and excited about the material. She assigns interesting readings and talks about them in lecture and discussion sections. Fair short papers and a class screening of Oppenheimer. I highly suggest taking this class!

Chill and RelaxedConstant ReadingFair Grading
4hrs / week Some difficulty Very high value Would take again
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