SOCI01055 months ago

I enjoyed this class. I sometimes thought Professor McCallum's lecture style was a little disjointed and confusing, but the concepts we went over in class were relatively easy. The readings were interesting, and he gave interesting prompts for the two papers we had in this class. The papers and the course are all self-graded, and there is a final project instead of an exam.

Chill and RelaxedNo ExamsConstant Reading
2hrs / week Very low difficulty Above average value Would take again
SOCI01055 months ago

Class is very laid back. Heavily based on reading and lecture. This class only had two papers and one final at the end of the semester. The papers are very informal and usually around 3 pages. No presentations or exams.

Constant ReadingEasy GradingNo Exams
2hrs / week Low difficulty Above average value Would take again
SOCI02705 months ago

we have 2 readings for each class and everyone has to do a small presentation on the reading they choose. In the end of the semester we are asked to do a zine about the subculture that we like. The class is very chill and both of the two instructors are nice. Assignments are self graded

Slow-PacedConstant ReadingNo Exams
5hrs / week Low difficulty Average value Would not take again
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