PSYC01054 months ago

The exams are based on lectures and textbook readings so you have to read the textbook. Her exams are mainly based on memorization and I would say she is a pretty easy grader. Part of your grade is to lead a discussion on one of the topics but its very chill.

Chill and RelaxedConstant ReadingEasy Grading
6hrs / week Very low difficulty High value Would take again
PSYC02204 months ago

Cultural Psych is a very interesting discipline, and the course will cause you to reexamine all other psych that you've learned. Professor Thomas is admittedly a bit boring, and the 3 hour class definitely didn't help. She also tends to just repeat the textbook material which we had to read because we had weekly quizzes.

Slow-PacedEasy GradingNo Exams
3hrs / week Low difficulty Average value Would not take again
PSYC01055 months ago

Prof. Thomas is the best. She makes the content super interesting, but you have to spend time doing the readings to be successful on exams. I think I had the best PSYC 105 experience with Prof. Thomas compared to my friends who had other professors.

Chill and RelaxedConstant ReadingFair Grading
3hrs / week Low difficulty Very high value Would take again
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