PSCI0210last month

It was very Stata intensive, which lost me at times, but Prof. Yuen had an amazing teaching style and was always open for office-hours which were super helpful. Prof. Yuen was also very accommodating and made me feel very seen and heard.

Project-HeavyFair Grading
3hrs / week Some difficulty Average value Would take again
PSCI01093 months ago

I really enjoyed this class as Amy Yuen is very accommodating and understanding. The class is reading heavy but the exams weren't too difficult as it was writing based and not hard to understand. The essays weren't difficult as she explained clearly what she wanted to see and if you did that you'll do fine.

Chill and RelaxedConstant ReadingEasy Exams
2hrs / week Some difficulty Very high value Would take again
PSCI01093 months ago

Prof Yuen is excited about the course material and eager to help with any questions. Her exams are a bit tricky but if you do the readings there are no problems. She is a wonderful professor and makes some of the terminology of the course much more engaging.

Fast-PacedConstant ReadingTough Grading
6hrs / week Average difficulty High value Would take again
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