NSCI02514 months ago

The class was fine, it was a lot of group work during lecture and I feel like we didn't spend that much time actually covering material. The exams were hard but you had the opportunity to re-take them and correct them so it was easy to do fine in this course. The labs were cool.

Fair GradingEasy Exams
4hrs / week Average difficulty Low value Would take again
NSCI02354 months ago

This is a super chill class. All homework is due Tuesdays and then you spend both days working on the material. It's a great extra class that is stem-focused but without all of the super hard work that usually comes with a STEM class.

Chill and RelaxedProject-HeavyEasy Grading
2hrs / week Low difficulty Average value Would not take again
NSCI02514 months ago

I thought that this class was a very nice introduction to neuroscience. The class material is very similar to that of cell bio, except it focuses on makeup of neurons, especially focusing on cell potential. Professor Crocker's teaching style is a tad disorganized, but besides that, she's very understanding of deadlines and easy to talk to

Fair GradingSlow-PacedConstant Reading
4hrs / week Some difficulty High value Would take again
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