FREN0102last month

What can I say! Peter Tarjanyi is one of the sweetest professors that you will ever meet. He is such a great guy and always is will to help his students figure out their problems and improve their skills. He really made me feel certain that I wanted to continue with the language.

Chill and RelaxedEasy GradingEasy Exams
2hrs / week Extremely low difficulty Very high value Would take again
FREN0209last month

FREN209 with Professor Tarjanyi was overall a very good experience for me. Your writing in skills in French will definitely improve and the papers aren't long (about 3 pages), but the prompts were somewhat difficult. Sometimes the course material gets a bit boring, but other than that, Professor Tarjanyi is great and he teaches with a lot of enthusiasm.

Fast-PacedFair GradingNo Exams
3hrs / week Some difficulty High value Would take again
FMMC10102 months ago

Minimum amounts of work to do outside of class. Small written components answering questions about a certain film or tv show or watching a movie before class. I watched a lot of new movies and shows that were actually really interesting and I found one of my new favorite tv shows from this course

Chill and RelaxedLots of HomeworkEasy Grading
5hrs / week Low difficulty Average value Would take again
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