CSCI031515 days ago

This course is great for anyone interested in system-level programming and software design. Pete's lectures are detailed, and cover a lot of material, but are always clear and easy to follow. The amount of work is high, but the deadlines are long and it is generally manageable

Chill and RelaxedLots of Homework
5hrs / week Average difficulty Very high value Would take again
CSCI03152 months ago

While Systems was definitely a challenging class, it is probably one of my favorite classes I have taken at Middlebury. The lectures are interesting and Pete is a fantastic professor. He is able to communicate complex topics in a clear and engaging way, and is super accommodating and available for extra help. I would 100% recommend taking a class with Pete.

8hrs / week Some difficulty Very high value Would take again
CSCI02022 months ago

Pete does an amazing job at making sure that everyone is being accommodated for, and that everyone is on the same page in lectures. He is very good at giving valuable and understandable answers to all questions, he is very reasonable with extensions, and was willing tweak the grading scale to make things more fair. Hard exams though.

Difficult Exams
6hrs / week Some difficulty Above average value Would take again
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