ENVS01126 days ago

I didn't enjoy this course, was extremely basic---more so than APES if you took it in high school. We spent maybe a month on systems diagrams/feedback loops which was pointless and it felt like 97% of the class was not engaged for good reason. Would not recommend unless you need it for your major.

Slow-PacedNo Exams
3hrs / week Low difficulty Low value Would not take again
ENVS0112last month

I didn't enjoy this course, it all felt extremely basic (we spent maybe 3 weeks on the concept of feedback loops, a topic that should take 10 minutes), and yet it felt like we were sprung with tough questions/harsh grading on work. Recommend another ES class if you're interested in the department as it turned me away from future courses.

Slow-PacedLots of HomeworkTough Grading
2hrs / week Average difficulty Very low value Would not take again
ENVS04017 months ago

I really enjoyed taking this course with Molly, but wasn't thrilled with my project assignment. The value of the class really depends on what community partner you are assigned to work with, so make sure that you sign up to take it during a semester where the "theme" aligns with future career interests

Chill and RelaxedProject-HeavyFair Grading
5hrs / week Average difficulty Average value Would not take again
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