FYSE13235 months ago

This FYS is particularly reading and writing intensive. Be ready to have a lot of heavy and content-full readings, but they are very interesting. The readings and lectures significantly changed my perception and understanding of climate change. Essay-exams are challenging but a very good way to practice writing skills, theoretical application and great intro to anthropology.

Chill and RelaxedConstant ReadingTough Grading
7hrs / week Some difficulty High value Would not take again
ANTH02115 months ago

This course and professor made me decide to major in Anthropology because what we covered were things I was passionate about outside of class related to the environment, specifically in the topic of political ecology. I felt like I was really beginning to understand how the world works and why it works this way.

Constant ReadingFair Grading
4hrs / week Very difficulty Extremely high value Would take again
ANTH02325 months ago

Sheridan is an amazing professor but this course (took in Fall 2020) was really hard. If you haven't taken previous ANTH classes you will have a hard time wrapping your head around the concepts, but you still get a lot of out of it. It will really stretch your brain but discussion is really interesting.

Fast-PacedConstant ReadingTough Grading
8hrs / week Hardcore difficulty High value Would not take again
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