CSCI02004 months ago

Professor Dickerson's teaching was helpful at times, but a lot of the time material was hard to grasp. Any questions for clarification were answered with confusing jargon-filled answers. Homework (due twice a week and graded on accuracy) would be way more difficult than the examples given in class.

Difficult ExamsTough Grading
4hrs / week Very difficulty Average value Would not take again
CSCI02004 months ago

Take with a different prof if possible, dickerson's lectures were very abstract and some of his homework's were brutal. His exams weren't too bad though. Overall he was pretty cranky and didn't seem happy when people asked questions. The class is definitely doable if you don't mind grinding a bit.

Fast-PacedLots of HomeworkFair Grading
5hrs / week Very difficulty Average value Would not take again
CSCI03905 months ago

This course used a new language Netlogo and a different programming style that was a combination of imperative and functional, so it was difficult to get used to at first. The projects were straightforward in terms of the end goal, but it took a lot of time and thinking to figure it out. Overall, a very rewarding but difficult class.

Fast-PacedProject-HeavyFair Grading
12hrs / week Very difficulty Above average value Would not take again
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