CSCI014510 months ago

The class was slow-placed and really didn't require any knowledge about coding prior to taking the class. The only challenging portion of the class was the final project where you will be asked to work on a project. The lab portions of the class helped me with learning more about coding(although it was not mandatory). Also, the exams are take-home online.

Lots of HomeworkEasy GradingEasy Exams
4hrs / week Low difficulty High value Would take again
CSCI014512 months ago

Course overall wasn't too bad. Homework was relatively easy. We did often have quizzes but they were generally easy to average and he was a fair grader. If a lot of people got a question wrong, he would remove the question from the quiz. Also exams were online. That being said near the end the difficulty ramped really quick with like 2 difficult projects.

Fair GradingEasy Exams
4hrs / week Average difficulty Average value Would take again
CSCI0145last year

I loved this course with professor foley. He made me want to take CS as a major. The environment for working on projects was relaxed because he wanted to make it as similar to the work place as possible. It was a steady pace for me but I can see how it may be a bit challenging to others. Must stay on top of your work to succeed but its not too hard to.

Fast-PacedProject-HeavyFair Grading
5hrs / week Some difficulty Extremely high value Would take again
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