GEOG02082 days ago

Extremely quality class. We first learned about contextualizing poverty, then shifted to smallholder agriculture. Professor L'roe is clearly passionate about the subject, and although the class is primarily lecture based, she keeps it engaging. Probably my favorite class I've taken.

Fast-PacedFair Grading
3hrs / week Low difficulty High value Would take again
GEOG02256 days ago

Absolutely excellent course. I learned so much about so many different case studies and processes of environmental changes. Jess is so passionate and dedicated to the material of this class and it really makes an impact on the learning experience.

Fast-PacedFair GradingEasy Exams
2hrs / week Low difficulty Very high value Would take again
FYSE15242 months ago

Really interesting class and a great class community! I learned so much about the natural world -- fungi, birds, trees, insects, etc. Lots of field trips -- nearly every week. Very few big homework assignments, not lecture-based at all. Super chill.

Chill and RelaxedEasy GradingNo Exams
3hrs / week Very low difficulty Above average value Would take again
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