CRWR01754 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Jay Parini is a pleasure to have as a teacher. I came into the class intimidated because I had little background in creative writing and poetry. JP and classmates created a super welcoming and enriching environment. Easy grading, great atmosphere. Very glad I took this course.

Chill and RelaxedEasy GradingNo Exams
3hrs / week Low difficulty Above average value Would take again
ENGL04425 months ago

Jay Parini is extremely passionate and makes the poetry you read really come to life. The class is small and very relaxed, with several students giving short, informal oral presentations on poems each week. It's mostly discussion based with one longish paper as a final exam. Great course!

Chill and RelaxedFair GradingNo Exams
2hrs / week Low difficulty High value Would take again
ENGL03125 months ago

This is the best class you will ever take at Middlebury. You will write two papers throughout the semester (midterm and final) and the entire class will be him reading poems and telling you stories about his life.

Chill and RelaxedEasy GradingNo Exams
1hrs / week Extremely low difficulty Above average value Would take again
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