DANC03766 months ago

Meshi was a great instructor for this class and was remarkably knowledgable about the human body. The class was largely activity based with lots of physical partner work that could be uncomfortable for people who do not like physical touch. If this is something you're ok with though, the experience will be very valuable.

Easy GradingNo Exams
3hrs / week Low difficulty High value Would take again
DANC0376last year

This class was really interesting, despite being very far outside of my comfort zone. Although I did not learn the most about detailed anatomy, I learned a lot about how my body works and the way it is all connected. Classes were really relaxed.

Chill and RelaxedEasy Grading
1hrs / week Low difficulty Low value Would not take again
DANC0160last year

Meshi is really nice. There will be a final performance at the end of the course, and you will need to choreograph something. Overall a very relaxed and enjoyable class and highly recommend if you want to fulfill your ART distribution.

Chill and RelaxedConstant ReadingEasy Grading
2hrs / week Extremely low difficulty Average value Would take again
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