GEOG0100last month

Guntram is a really really nice dude and it shows in his teaching. This class is pretty easy, and I think you will 100% get way more out of just going straight into a GIS class. That being said, he's a very enthusiastic professor and an effective teacher. You will learn things!

Chill and RelaxedFair Grading
1hrs / week Very low difficulty Average value Would not take again
GEOG01002 months ago

Guntram Herb is one of the best professors I have ever had. He puts in a great effort to make every lecture engaging, and his grading I thought was very fair. Emphasis on group work though means you should choose your group wisely

Chill and RelaxedProject-HeavyFair Grading
6hrs / week Some difficulty Extremely high value Would take again
GEOG02022 months ago

I love how this course required me to think deeply about national identity and physical and mental borders. It definitely expanded my mind. Professor Herb provide lectures well and frequently provides handouts to make the material even more digestible. I highly recommend this course.

Easy ExamsFair GradingChill and Relaxed
3hrs / week Low difficulty Extremely high value Would take again
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