ECON01118 days ago

Erick Gong is probably the best professor to teach this class. Although it's a very difficult class, he has a lot of enthusiasm and will put time aside to make sure each student individually understands the material being covered. He teaches using stata, which is basically coding. I had a lot of difficulty with this, especially as there are two problem sets a week about it.

Lots of HomeworkFair GradingDifficult Exams
5hrs / week Very difficulty Extremely high value Would not take again
ECON0111last month

This course is a lot of work, and you need to put in a lot of effort learning STATA at the start, but it does get easier as it goes, and the math is not that difficult. The professor knows his stuff and teaches well, so you learn a lot. However, the grading system is quite tough, with weekly quizzes that are quite hard.

Tough GradingLots of HomeworkFast-Paced
6hrs / week Very difficulty Above average value Would take again
ECON0111last month

If you're interested in learning about research this class is for you. The two problem sets a week were time consuming but helped teach the material very well. It was tough at times but very valuable. Professor Gong definitely knows what he's doing and is great at explaining the content as clearly as possible.

Fast-PacedLots of HomeworkFair Grading
5hrs / week Very difficulty Extremely high value Would take again
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