THEA02184 months ago

Dana was a very interesting and involved professor. He was able to stimulate creativity in the room like no other and worked very hard to create a cohesive and bonding atmosphere in the class. He treated us like aspiring playwrights and viewed us as professionals in progress. I loved it.

Chill and RelaxedFair GradingNo Exams
3hrs / week Low difficulty Extremely high value Would not take again
INTD1035last year

A course on speechwriting and also delivery. Two 3-minute speeches per week, totaling six, and 3-minute + 6-minute final speeches edited off previous ones. The atmosphere was extremely friendly, and you definitely get to really know everyone. Shout out to our amazing teaching assistants, Ciara & Gigi! The writing & speech delivery help was immensely valuable.

Fast-PacedEasy GradingNo Exams
10hrs / week Some difficulty Very high value Would take again
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