HARC0227last month

Professor Packert's class is highly lectured based. There is daily readings, but you can most of the time get away with not doing them or skimming them. We had three quizzes which were not too bad if you studied and payed attention in class.

Chill and RelaxedConstant ReadingFair Grading
1hrs / week Average difficulty Average value Would not take again
HARC02272 months ago

I did not enjoy this course. I took it to get my distribution requirements, and was unprepared for the depth that I would need to know about Indian Painting. Professor Packert is very enthusiastic, but expects you to have the same enthusiasm. Unless you are extremely intreasted in Indian Painting, do not take his course.

Fast-PacedTough GradingDifficult Exams
1hrs / week Average difficulty Extremely low value Would not take again
HARC10092 months ago

This class was great. There was a range of people in the class. Some people had grown up on Bollywood, some were Religion majors, and some were just going for a distribution requirement. The films were long at times, but incredibly engaging. There were a few essays, but they were graded pretty easy and weren't too long.

Chill and RelaxedEasy GradingNo Exams
6hrs / week Low difficulty Average value Would take again
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